Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mama On: Trying

"Nothing beats a failure, but a try."

This simple statement is a deceptively complex concept of Mamaknology. The basic idea behind it is, if you don't put out the effort , how will you know whether or not you will succeed? It doesn't matter how good your singing sounds in the shower if no one else ever hears it. It doesn't matter how beautiful or clever your writing is if no one ever reads it. It will never matter how great your dreams are, if you never act on them. And fear of failure should never be your reason for not reaching for a dream.

Fear has been known to control animals in lab environments, and goodness knows, Life is an ongoing experiment. So, as a practicing Mamaknologist,why not try a new experiment? Try living your life. For just 24 hours, try something you've always dreamt of doing. Want to sing? Find a voice coach and take advantage of that one free session. Want to act? There are dozens of schools offering free talent assessment. Want to model? Tyra is online every day. Want to write? Pick up a copy of The Writer's Market from the library and send your poems to the appropriate publisher -- or go to an epublisher. Television or radio your passion? Sit in as an asistant for a morning or afternoon.

You get the idea. Whatever it is you truly want to do, don't let fear be an excuse for not trying. The options may not generate instant fame, but they are endless and the worst thing anyone can tell you is, "no". My mother (the Head Mistress of Mamaknology) was very specific on this because, "nothing beats a failure, but a try ."

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Kimberly Perdue-Sims said...

This brings to mind when I worked as a Parent Liaison in the Atlanta Public School at East Lake Elementary School. I decorated the outside of my office for whatever holiday, season or occasion for the month. Being a Black woman born on Valentines Day, I love February! Especially with the celebration of Black History Month. The student population was around 98% Black along with about 50% Black staff.
The teachers & students all had boards that mostly celebrated Black History month, Valentines Day, Presidents Day or a combination of the three.Except...for this one White teacher, she had her class for almost the entire month of February, mourn, write letters and post them on her bulletin boards inside and out along with multiple pictures for the death of Willie B. For those of you who don't know (or in my case didn't care) Willie B. was a gorilla at the Atlanta Zoo. This woman MOURNED his passing as if she had given birth to this animal! After counting to a trillion and asking her about her class not celebrating Black History Month (since her class was 99% AA) she informed me that SHE thought it was more important that students learn about a current event! Oh well...

Maybe the owner of Mulligans is the secret love child of this teacher and Willie B.

Last thought. I am proud to say that there are millions of people of every hue, nationality, creed and religion who are embracing our differences. One day ignorance and racism in the U.S. will be a thing of the past.