Friday, May 30, 2008

Mama On: One Final Point

"Some people choose to view the world through a cracked mirror."

This picture was forwarded in an email I recieved today, and I had to wonder. That someone addresses a political cadidate in this way is beyond sad -- they didn't even have the courage to attack the man directly. Rather, they went after his wife, and where's the chivalry in that? But the sado-sexual imagery makes me wonder -- is this an image of fear, or desire?
It's hard to believe that anyone might find this cover art to be funny, interesting, or even reasonable -- and it is certainly not politically astute, appealing as it does to the very lowest elements of American society. But it is obvious in the need to bind and demean her (while dressed in an evening gown, no less!), that her power is feared.
And while this cover is both bigoted and racist, I say, DO YOUR THING, MICHELLE! This woman has taken a stand and chosen to support a man determined to do his best -- and I'm not mad at either of them.

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