Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mama On: Being Fearless

"I'm not afraid of anything I can step on."

Every Mamaknologist out there can attest to how attractive, intriguing, and sexy fearlessness is. My mama was a fierce woman. Not only was she an Amazon, tall and curvy with what is now termed an athletic build, but she believed in herself and dared the world not to do the same. As a dedicated Mamaknologist, she laid claim to herself and her world and steadfastly refused to let go.

I already told you how she felt about her shoes, and she never hesitated to stand tall in them. She believed that she could step on bugs. She believed that she could step on any path a man could. She believed she could step into a world of options. She believed she could stand for children. She believed that she could teach her child to walk the high road. She believed that she could teach. She believed that she could take a very personal political stand. She believed that she could walk anywhere as long as she kept her hand in God's. And the amazing thing was that she did.

The lesson here is that no Mamaknologist should ever be afraid to step forward or step up. The world is counting on us. As a practicing Mamaknologist, you are a spiritual inheritor of my mother's shoes and goal directed Mamaknology, so stand tall, walk well, and enjoy life unlimited.

Celebrate the Mamaknologists in your life. Happy Mothers Day!

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