Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mama On: Tone

"If you can't say something nice; think about it."

A-ha! This one surprised you, didn't it? You thought this would be the old, "... say nothing at all," point of view, right? The Mamaknologist is always smarter than the expected, and above the cheap insult. My mother was adamant: a woman who CAN only answer an insult with an insult is eternally less than her best. A woman who WOULD only answer an insult with an insult is too lazy to claim her true glory and can only aspire to the coveted title of practicing Mamaknologist.

This principle is not to be confused with the biblicly etheral turning of the other cheek. As a Mamknologist, you already know that what you put into the world is most often what you get out of it. My mother would have told you that you deserve the best this life has to offer. Further, she would have told you that if you lack love and concern for someone, even a self-proclaimed and persistent enemy, then it is incumbent upon you to dig deep and have enough dignity and character to care for yourself, because even the biggest fool can teach you something.

The Mamaknologist defines "tone" as a particular mental state or disposition affecting an individual's spirit, character, and presence. It is that defining manner of style, morals, and philosophical outlook that speak to who you truly are. Now armed with the definition, my mother (Qualifier of All Things Mamaknologable) would tell you that the quality of who you are, and how you establish yourself in this life is up to you.

Don't want to be badly spoken to? Watch your tone.
Want help when you need it? Watch your tone.
Expect to get old someday? Watch your tone.
Don't want to be ignored? Watch your tone.
Want to be respected? Watch your tone.
Crave attention? Watch your tone.

Final words of Mamaknologist wisdom: It's not only what you say, it's when and how you say it, so watch your tone.

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