Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mama On: Doing Your Best

"If you do your best, you can ALWAYS hold your head high -- you have nothing to be ashamed of."

Well, here we are. Day 100.

The flag still flies. The sky is still up there. And to the best of my knowledge, the Antichrist has not claimed my soul. What has happened is that I now hold my head a little higher and smile a little brighter, and all because our National Boyfriend and his Amazing Girl Next Door have irrepairably and forever changed the definition of what Americans look like and what they can do. The other thing that has happened is that Americans now respect their president enough to EXPECT something from him.

The Mamaknologist in my soul is so proud and ready to strut her stuff in stilettos that I don't know what to do.

Don't get me wrong, I am still concerned about the economy, global warming, crime in our cities, and the very real chance that Korea will reduce the planet to cinders. And in all honesty, I don't know that the next 100 days will change any of that. But what I do know is that it took two Bush presidents sixteen years to dig a hole that few people are willing to admit exists. To expect to do any more than cover that hole with platitudes and illusion in 100 days is ridiculous -- and if you think it can be done, I suggest you speak with your local Mamaknologist. She undoubtably can point you to a bridge in Brooklyn with your name on it.

The most interesting Mamaknologist observation, as we head into day 101 and beyond, is that as a nation, we are now expecting and assuming change because our president has offered us his BEST. And he has done it boldly, with his head held high -- leaving no shame in his wake. I like that.

So on Day 100, and on behalf of Mamaknologists everywhere, I offer these words: Well done, Mr. Obama. Well done.

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