Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mama On: What's Done In The Dark

“What’s done in the dark will always come out into the light.”

Though my mother said this often, I know that it is not original Mamaknology, but I’m going to use it, anyway. Today, after seeing the "cartoon" published by the New York Post (following the signing of President Obama's economic stimulus bill) I simply speak as myself.

Here's what I think...

This "cartoon" (have you seen it? Look before you speak...) is not a joke or misplaced humor. It is, in fact, a calculated invitation to assassination and I sincerely do not understand why Homeland Security has not moved on this bold terroristic action. And by the way, is anybody else wondering who, "they," are? I know that I am, and how far are these gun-wielding terrorists willing to go, under the legal guise of constitutional policy and precident, to stop, "them"?

I also have to wonder, if monkeys, apes, people of color, and our current president are not points of ridicule, why did the Post (and other publications) fail to so "honor" George W.? He's got big ears, a longish face, a moderately simian bend to his posture, and goodness knows he was never the sharpest knife in the drawer.

And hey, remember that we live in a country where you cannot go to the airport and say, "I have a gun," without consequences... even though you can ride around on MARTA (public transportation) all day with it. This drawing has stepped beyond the realm of free speech and freedom of expression into the arena previously inhabited by the likes of Timothy McVey and the deliverers of jets into buildings. This "cartoon" delivers a quick and dirty visually demonstrated threat. There should be consequences and dire repercussions for the Post and its related staff, including removal of the people responsible for the "cartoon".

As the African-American daughter of a retired veteran of American wars, a beneficiary of Brown v. The Board of Education, and a citizen of these United States, I am ashamed of the Post and this poor representation of both human and American integrity, intellect, sensitivity, historical place, and justice. Morally, this is more than a lack of thought and inspiration. It is the public display and demonstration of a deep and abiding institutionalized hatred and depravity.

Shame on you, Mr. Murdoch. Shame on you, Mr. Carlucci. Shame on you, Mr. Delonas. Shame on you, Mr. Allen. I see what you’ve done and it is ugly. You didn’t even have the courage to bring your racist bigotry out under its own umbrella. You had the nerve to try to dress it up as art, free speech, personal opinion, and then slide it into the world. Well, I see you and it for what you are, and shame on you. Know that you have all individually and collectively reduced, demeaned and shamed us all, because actions do indeed speak louder than words and culturally insensitive art work.