Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mama On: Interesting Things

"Keep On Living."

We all, without regard for race or nationality, woke up to a world of new possibilities today. We have a new President. I now live in the America that my mother wanted for me -- the President and I share the same skin color, and the First Lady looks like me.

Who knew?

Every Mamaknologist in the world, that's who. Every true Mamaknologist knows that every day the sun shines, every moment that this planet turns, there is the option for change and that change is always impacted by response. So, as Mr. Obama steps into the spotlight and becomes The Leader Of The Free World, we can all smile, if only because we have all lived long enough to see this country turn a high, wide, and broad corner -- so many didn't.

I can already imagine the head nodding going on among the Mamaknologists. See, he has become our Everyman. He has become not just the President, he has become the voice of American Authority. He has become the fantasy of every girl or woman (and a lot of men) of color. He has become the boyfriend we want for our daughters, our friends, and ourselves. He has become the husband and father we all want to smile at us. We all want to be Michelle when we see him look at her, "that way," (you know what I mean...). He has become the man we trust with our very lives.

And all it took was decades of slavery, civil war, back doors, Colored toilets and drinking fountains, Jim Crow, Sundown Laws, marching, firehoses, dogs, hard words and bigotry, National Guardsmen, voter registration, economic recession, and educational redress. Now, after an amazing election, we wait to see his impact (and our own) on history.

The words of wisdom to be gleaned from the Obama election and the path of his vision might well be that change is inevitable, and we hope for the best. Or, as my mother would have said, "keep on living."

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