Monday, April 28, 2008

Mama On: Manners

"If you don't think enough of yourself to keep good shoes, why would you bother with good manners?"

My mother had beautiful feet, the kind you see in television and magazine ads. And, yes, she was a tad vain about them. She believed in wearing expensive, well-cobbled shoes and in making sure that those shoes were appopriate to the occasion. She also believed that it was as much your feet as your brain that took you where you were meant to be in this life.

Now, while my mother's shoe collection was probably second only to that of Imelda Marcos (look her up...), the Mamaknology to be gained is this -- if you're going somewhere that cute shoes should not go, you probably shouldn't take the rest of your cute self, either. If you are dealing with people who think nothing of stepping all over your cute shoes, don't be surprised when they step on the rest of you, too.

Further, a woman who doesn't bother to take care of herself rarely bothers to take care of those around her. This is an extended and advanced concept of Mamaknology: tacky women lead tacky lives. They tend to be rude, crude, and mean, and need I say, nonpracticing Mamaknologists.

So, I urge all practicing Mamaknologists to catch a GREAT shoe sale, love yourself enough to stand tall in stilettos, enjoy a pedicure, and treat yourself and others well. Life is, after all, for living, learning, loving, and wearing fabulous shoes!

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Karrine said...

This is sooo true !

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